Triple Nozzles

Karcher Professional Triple jet nozzle 055 only as replacement

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SKU: 4.117-039.0

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Manually switchable triple nozzle with stainless steel nozzle.

Sturdy, durable and resistant to dirt. Easy jet changeover between high-pressure point stream (0°), high-pressure flat stream with power nozzle contour (25°), and low-pressure flat stream (40°). For machines with injectors, low-pressure flat stream is used for cleaning agent suction and application.

  • Part Number: 4.117-039.0

  • EAN: 4054278229065



Compatible Products

  • HD 10/21-4 S *KAP
  • HD 10/21-4S *KAP
  • HD 10/25-4 S *USA
  • HD 4.5/32-4 S Eb
  • HD 4.5/32-4 S Ec
  • HD 7/12-4 M *KAP
  • HD 9/17 M *JP
  • HD 9/17 M *JP
  • HD 9/17 MX *JP
  • HD 9/17 MX *JP
  • HD 9/18-4 ST
  • HD 9/18-4 ST *EU-I


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Brand Karcher


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